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Oasissuperstore.com Now Better Than Ever

Oasis Cannabis Super Store, the largest medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in Denver, is excited to announce the launch of its newly revamped website! The new site offers quick and easy access to information both medical and recreational users can use to...

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Cannabinoids: What’s The Big Deal?

Cannabis plants are chemical powerhouses that produce more than 400 different compounds. Of these compounds, nearly 60 of them - called cannabinoids - offer a variety of different health benefits. While only a handful have been thoroughly researched, many are known to...

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Magic Glass: The Art Of Bong Making

In 2017, Oasis Cannabis was recognized by Westword Magazine as having the “best cannabis selection in a dispensary”. But, did you know that in addition to carrying more than 200 unique strains of cannabis, we also carry a HUGE glass selection? That's right. And, our...

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5 Questions to Ask Your Budtender

We know that when you walk into a dispensary, you’ve got questions. Whether it’s your first time in our store, in any dispensary or you are an experienced marijuana-consumer, we know there is at least one thing on your mind that we can help you with.

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5 Instant Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical ailments can be a real downer and really get in the way of living a life. Aches and pains, stress, headaches all impact your quality of life. But why suffer when marijuana can provide instant relief? Here are 5 ailments that marijuana can help you deal with as soon as you consume.

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Denver Northwest Location (Recreational Sales Only)

5440 W 44th Ave. Mountain View, CO 80212

Phone: 303.333.3338

Denver South Location (Recreational & Medical Sales)

6359 E Evans Ave. Denver CO 80222

Phone: 303.756.1494