Denver Northwest: 303.333.3338 |

Denver South: 303.756.1494

Dispensary Open Late- Our Locations

Oasis Cannabis Superstore Open Late

Oasis Cannabis Superstore has two recreational dispensary locations in Denver. Our Northwest dispensary is open until midnight (except Sundays). Our Denver South dispensary is open until 10 PM. Oasis Superstore features over 200 unique cannabis strains at both locations. Our Denver South location offers both recreational marijuana & medical marijuana sales. Our Northwest location is recreational only.

You have never seen anything like Oasis Cannabis Superstore. Relax… It’s all right here.

Denver Dispensary Northwest Location (Open Till Midnight)

5440 W 44th Ave. Mountain View, CO 80212

Oasis Cannabis Superstore
5440 W 44th Ave
Denver, CO 80212

Denver South Location

6359 E Evans Ave. Denver CO 80222

Oasis Cannabis Superstore
6359 E Evans Ave
Denver, CO 80222, USA

Denver Northwest Location (Recreational Sales Only)

5440 W 44th Ave. Mountain View, CO 80212

Phone: 303.333.3338

Mon-Sat 9AM-Midnight. and Sundays 9AM-10PM

Denver South Location (Recreational & Medical Sales)

6359 E Evans Ave. Denver CO 80222

Phone: 303.756.1494

Sat-Sun. 9am to 10pm