Best Denver Dispensaries Products

Oasis Cannabis Superstore is a cool recreational Denver dispensary, that is always packed with a wide range of healing cannabis medical products. Denver dispensaries vary greatly when it comes to service & selection. Medical edibles are more affordable & are sold in higher concentrate amounts. Edible sales are also subject to lower tax. Our Denver South Superstore sells quality medical marijuana products such as, potent medical flower, higher concentrated edibles, or higher potency healing topicals.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Photo of Buds

Oasis Cannabis Superstore  has a vast selection of recreational marijuana products. Our extensive, and ever changing, collection of recreational cannabis products, includes buds, edibles, and topicals. From local brands such as Wanna, Lucky EdiblesLove’s Oven, and Apothacanna. We also grow great cannabis strains in our many grow facilities. Our flower is always fresh. Locally sourced. And, selected for it’s potency and overall quality. Due to large sales volume, we have to rotate in new flower strains daily. Our marijuana flower is always fresh!

Photo of joints at Oasis Cannabis Superstore Medical dispensary

Denver Northwest Location (Recreational Sales Only)

5440 W 44th Ave. Mountain View, CO 80212

Phone: 303.333.3338

Mon-Sat 9AM-Midnight. and Sundays 9AM-10PM

Denver South Location (Recreational & Medical Sales)

6359 E Evans Ave. Denver CO 80222

Phone: 303.756.1494

Daily 9am to 10pm